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Who is All City-Fight Night? 

WildStyle Promotions is proud to present events that showcase multiple forms of martial arts competition. As World Kickboxing Association sanctioned events, All-City Fight Night can featureseveral different rule sets including, Muay Thai, Glory Rules Kickboxing, K-1 Kickboxing, and MMA. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a competitive environment that can help build a fighter’s career from amateur to professional.  

What makes All-City Fight Night different than other events?

All-City Fight Night, run by WildStyle Promotions, focuses on treating the fighters, coaches, and their communities with respect. All fighters are welcome at All-City, without rivalry. Being able to compete doesn’t depend on your experience level, rather your willingness to be the best version of yourself!

Why Fight for All-City?

SENTENCE HAS BEEN REMOVED HERE. WildStylePromotions prides itself on making sure every fighter feels supported through their journey from the beginning of fight camp through the day of their fight.

All-City Youth Exhibition has been created to provide our young martial artists with a positive and exciting first step into competing in kickboxing and Muay Thai.
Our Youth Exhibitions provide real ring or cage experience. Competitors begin with training camp and then learn to manage thenerves, anxiety, and adrenaline of an actual match.
The rules are similar to our sanctioned fights but with some modifications to allow for a healthy, competitive learning experience. Youth athletes usually wear additional protective gear and referees strictly enforce rules to ensure competitors are safe.
Referees will not declare winners or losers during exhibitions. These events are used as development exercises to help develop our young martial artists.
We believe that going through the process of training camp and competing in a ring or cage for the first time is a huge step in the growth of a martial artist and a victory. 

Where is the event?

All-City Fight Night events are held in Kings Hall at APEX Art & Culture Center in Everett, WA. The historic building allows for spacious, well lighted, private warm up areas, with athletes from red and blue corners kept completely separated.
Safety is our top priority. We provide adequate refueling, nutrition,and hydration stations for fighters and their coaches.

All-City Fight Night is a WKA sanctioned combat sports show that features multiple forms of martial arts competition including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA.
Our mission is to provide fans with an exciting night of competitive matches in a dynamic venue, delicious food and drinks, legendary announcers and over the top intermission entertainment.
For our fighters, our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to build their careers by competing on a stage that is recognized both nationally and internationally.
The WKA is one of the oldest sanctioning organizations in the world and has played an integral role in building the careers of martial artists from amateur through the professional ranks. All-City Fight Night is directly overseen by the president of WKA USA, Brian Crenshaw, to ensure every fight is conducted safely and in compliance with local regulations.


We offer training for anyone interested in becoming a WKA sanctioned Judge, Referee, or Ring Official. If you are interested in becoming an official, please fill out the officials interest form to begin the process. Becoming a certified WKA official not only allows you to work All-City Fight Night events, but it also allows you to work WKA sanctioned events around the world!

We offer opportunities for all levels of competition including exhibitions, and fully sanctioned amateur and professional fights. Fighters and coaches who are interested in competing must first complete a fighter interest form so our fight coordinator can get in contact to start the process of scheduling you for your next match. 


We could not support our athletes, coaches, and community without our sponsors. We offer a few promotion partnership packages for local and international businesses that want to be a part of All-City Fight Nights. Please fill out an interest form so our marketing and promotions team can contact you.

All-City Fight Night Sponsors can support individual events, or a series of events. We work with event sponsors to find a partnership that is mutually beneficial. Some of the perks of sponsoring All-City Fight Night are:

- Exclusive Seating
- Ad Space in Programs
- Ad Space inside venue
- Shoutouts during events
- Multiple shoutouts on social media
- And More!!